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WHO is Your SOULMATE? How To Find Out In Your Birth Chart - 2019

Cookies help us provide, protect and improve our products and services. By using our website, you agree to our use of cookies. A Gemini or a Libra coupled with a Leo has the potential for a natural, unguarded long-lasting "I like, love, and admire you" relationship.

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They have similar values and attitudes. Each will allow the other to be their true self but at the same time bring out the best in each other.

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As soulmates, they can easily overcome their differences, feel that they are working towards something greater, and nudge each other to grow and expand to their highest potential. Leo and Gemini have great chemistry. Both are outgoing and sociable, enjoy entertaining others, and love lighthearted flirtations. Leo contributes class, grace, and romance, while Gemini's effervescence adds a breath fresh air that keeps their relationship fun, exciting, and heart pounding.

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A Gemini is into sexual fun and has a penchant for infidelity. A Leo is loyal, committed, and passionate. A Leo's fiery love can warm an airy Gemini's heart, teach them the art of romance, and define what it takes to be a committed and intimate soulmate. Leo and Libra are the romantics of the zodiac. Both are optimistic, creative, very social, into appearances, and enjoy being surrounded by people.

Astrological soulmate secrets of karmic astrology

As soulmates, they are a refined and charismatic couple who is well-liked by others. We may have shared past lives with these souls, or we may have met them in the spirit world but are meeting them for the first time in the physical world. That is why there is a feeling of having known them before. Contrary to popular belief, a soulmate relationship does not have to be romantic, though it can be. A soulmate can be a family member, a friend, a coworker, and sometimes even a stranger on the street that says just the right or wrong thing and shifts your life.

We have many soulmates in this lifetime, and through our personal choices, we may gravitate toward specific soulmates and navigate away from others. Though you have contracted to form relationships with specific souls, you do not have to meet all of them—and a soulmate does not have to be in our lives forever.

Who Your Soulmate Will Be, According To Your Juno Sign

You found each other to help each other tread the difficult and precarious waters of adolescence. But then you grew apart, you became different people.

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Your first love, who you thought surely was the one, was also your soulmate—even if they left you broken-hearted. You learned incredibly valuable, and most likely painful, lessons about love, romance, selflessness, and forgiveness. Perhaps they were too kind and submissive, so you learned how you took advantage of them and took them for granted.

Whatever the lesson, you were fated to learn it, so you can have the knowledge you need for your next romantic soulmate relationship. A soulmate relationship does not have to end—you can be friends or romantic partners forever, but only if you continue to grow together and learn lessons together. If you and your romantic partner continue your relationship for the rest of your life, then you make an energetic and soul decision to not meet the other romantic partners because you want to focus on this one; it has to be a decision made by both parties. However, know that if the relationship does end, there is absolutely another soulmate that you can link up with.