Pearl gold ring astrology

It is one of the stone which affects the mind. One with the stone will have a strong mind and creative enthusiasm. Blue sapphire : This can be in blue or black color and is the stone representing planet Saturn. Blue Sapphire is not to be used without proper astrological advice as it is harmful.

Remedies through gem therapy : Pearl (moti)

The stone produces effects very fast and if Saturn in not favorably placed, it gives harmful effects. The stone should be studded in a gold ring and worn on the ring finger on a Saturday. One should offer prayer to Lord Shani before. If you Shani is weak or unfavorable, you can worship lord hanuman instead. Diamond: This is the gemstone of planet Venus. It is the king of gemstones.

Method & Rituals Of Wearing Pearl Gemstone

Once you wear, you will feel the influence of it a few minutes. It should be worn on ring finger studded in gold. Effects: It provides confidence, courage, wealth, relives debts, gives good health and also improves spirituality. Coral : This is the stone of planet Mars. It is red in color. It influences mind a lot.

Hessonite : This is stone for Rahu influence. The stone relives one of the ill weak effects of Rahu. It makes him strong. Cats eye : This is aimed at malefics of Ketu. It is good to bring in fortunes. One can offer prayer to Lord Ganapati as an alternative to wearing this stone.

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As a word of caution one should prefer gemstones as a last resort. They should instead go for prayer corresponding deity for beneficial effects. Also, take expert opinion in wearing them. Report post. Posted September 11, I want to know if I can wear the Pearl 5.

Professions which are benefited by wearing this stone of pearl

I was advised to wear peal for betterment of my career and mental peace as I have been going through a lot of turmoil during last 29 years of my life. I would be grateful if someone could help me in this regard. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Posted September 12, I am wearing pearl in the ring finger that too made in Gold and it is proving very lucky for me. However I am not sure if the pearl is responsible for my increased luck. Regards, Sunder.

Posted September 14, Moti ring Which finger to suggest. Sir My name isRupesh I want to ask about which one right germ stone for me. Sir on which finger i ll use pearl stone, one astrolger after sieng my horoscope suggest me to wear at middile finger.. From where i ll get original pearl stone of 8to 10 rati. Dear sir, So many astrologers advised that Aquarius ascendant person should not wear pearl,because moon is the lord of 6th house.

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Astrological science telling us,moon is controlling our mind and fluids. If a person born with super Malefic moon then what should he do? Awaiting for your reply.

Natural Pearl Ring for Moon Powers in Vedic Astrology

Thanks a lot. Hello Sir, My brother Suresh is Kumbha Rashi, He is trying for job from many years but he didn't get it, so guru said to wear moti pearl which is job giver. So on which finger he should were it fir the betterment. I am a right handed person n my astro charts says that i should wear a pearl since my right hand little finger is operated i hav problem in wearing the ring My zodic sign is Taurus may I wear pearl.

Sir, I am rishi I want to know that can I wear a moti. If so, What are the benefits of wearing it.

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My 24 year old son, Aditya Agrawal is suffering from some mental problem. Panditji asked to wear white pearl in little finger and moonga in finger near to little finger right hand right hander. Sir can I wear exact 7 ratti of pearl. Is there any harm full effect of wearing exact 7 ratti.

Please do reply. Hi, I am looking for Moti for my younger brother. He is not keeping well. And also for my father, who gets angry very soon. And now a days his business is also not giving him good returns. So please help me which Moti to buy and what would be the cost for same. I am glad that I bought the pearl from you. It was the best deal.