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Those born on February 21 are amazing at innovating and creating in order to bring joy in their lives and also for those around them. Love ranges from pure devotion to distance and tension at times and the whole game seems sprinkled with such varying episodes.


As they learn to protect themselves from the outer world, they will discover the beauty of socializing and close encounters with their cosmic brothers and sisters. Emotional world of those born on this date asks for deep stability and recognition. Intimacy is the key to understanding their own personality, and they will instinctively know that each person standing in front of them is their mirror.

Throwing away judgment and jumping bravely into new relationships, they will come to find that many people can satisfy their basic physical and intellectual needs, but their heart recognizes what truly makes them feel at home. They need a partner with enough depth to understand their world of dispersed feelings, but also someone to keep them grounded when needed.

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With their higher purpose set in the rational spheres and communication, they find their relationships to often be the battlefield to train them. People they choose as partners tend to show them how to build solid arguments that stand against tests of other people's intellectual force.

With such an intense ability to recognize what is genuine and what isn't, which talent is to blossom and which won't touch the hearts of many, they excel at a workplace of a profiler, someone to manage others, discover young talents, and comment on their abilities. They can lead the way when someone needs to show who they are and reach for popularity, for they understand the need of the masses and human nature is naturally understandable to them, even when they are not fully aware of their own.

Ocean orbicular jasper is an excellent stone for a person born on February 21st. It encourages the feeling of joy and elevated spirits, and helps one release negative feelings, bringing optimism and peace. A crystal to aid communication with positivity, it allows love to be expressed in everything a person has to say.

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The overall effect will lead to a better understanding of one's inner center of power and the Self. A gift for these individuals needs to connect their passion from Pisces, with their emotion, their reason, and the practical, material realm. This may sound like the most complicated thing in the world, but you will see that things that look most like them, meet all these standards. They are much more practical than many of the Pisces representatives, while at the same time deeply emotional.

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I think it is very very successful. We have now got I believe , people from Romania out of the odd thousand who are in the UK who applied. I would encourage everybody to apply, to get it done sooner rather than later.

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No Deal is to that effect irrelevant to this, we will continue the Settled Status Scheme. The 31st of October, with or without Deal is not particularly relevant in terms of people who were here before the 31st of October. So anybody who is living here before the 31st of October can apply and as I say they have got plenty of time to do it but I would encourage people to do it sooner rather than later.

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What message do you as the Minister of Home Office of the UK have for them now, only moments before a decision about Brexit will come through? The third edition of "A helping hand" seminar in London.


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Look into my eyes, with oh…those black, deep eyes.